Good planning and schedule management can fix that problem, and that’s exactly what PC3 provides. There are two distinct features to our approach:


Good scheduling requires detailed upfront work. It requires planning something that hasn’t been built, often without adequate information. We are experienced with alternative delivery methods such as design‐build, fast track and integrated project delivery. Having been on both sides of the fence, we understand how to work with owners, consultants and contractors, and not only know how to bridge the gap between them, but have a clear understanding of how these different groups operate.

Appropriate Resource Assignment.

To meet deadlines, scheduling work often needs to be accomplished outside normal working hours. Not only is PC3 able to work outside normal business hours and often must do so, but there are times when multiple resources must be applied to prepare or update a schedule on time. So much of good project management depends on timely, quality schedule submissions.

Core Competencies

  • Experienced with alternative delivery methods such as design‐build, fast track and integrated project delivery
  • Primavera P6 scheduling
  • Skilled users of Acumen Fuse and Risk software, which both ensures schedule integrity and allows quick and effective evaluation of project risks against specific schedule tasks


We can work remotely in any location and have real-time access to scheduling information and dashboard data. As beneficial as the cloud is, we still recognize the need for ongoing interface and communication with our clients, consultants and contractors during the course of the project, and there is no substitute for direct communication and meetings. We also are experienced with LEAN scheduling, with last planner system capability, used by some contractors to assure resources are not brought on to the sight until they are absolutely needed. We also have LEED Accredited Professionals that are certified in sustainable design and construction.

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